Wednesday, March 30, 2011



      They always say that beer is not good because it gives us big bellies and gas. Many of us will find an excuse to continue drinking after they see those pictures. 
                 I am always looking for artists who go out of their way to create art and use their imagination to the maximum in order to do so. 
                  The pictures below are pictures of sculptures made out of beer cans. Yep, BEER CANS!  the event was hosted in honor of the Turkish beer called Efes Pilsen and also for Heinneken. 

     Art Sculpture Made By Beer Cans

           The artist invested time and patience in creating the slightest details when doing those sculptures. They have people playing music, soldiers, buildings airplanes and more. I guess, even when it seems that all forms of art have been created, there is always that one little thing that we can add to the magic world of creation!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't trow it away, it might be ART!!

             In the 21st century we have a very big concern when it comes to the environment. Everywhere on the planet we see people going "green". We have companies making hybrid cars in order to pollute the environment less. At home, we have recycling methods in order not to waste resources. The problem with that is that some of us either don't care enough or just don't have the time to actually sort the trash and put it in order.

           But what if trash was more than trash? What if there was a way to create something productive out of something as useless? What if there was a way to create from this chaos? Human beings have such an imagination! It takes us where we never thought possible. Guess what? It is very possible to get piece of art from trash.

            Shadow art.
           Tim Noble and Sue Webster, two British artist found a way to reconcile art and trash. They found a way to create what is called Shadow art with pieces of trash, rubber kitchen tools, wood and  well whatever object they can find. The materials used in the piece are arranged in a specific way in order for their shadows to create an image completely different from what the materials look like. So much for Synergy and the whole being more than its parts! 
     We all experienced this type of illusion sometimes in our lives, like a leaf making us think theres a rat , or a tree making us think that someone is following us. We do some of that shadow art often, when we  play with the shadows of our hand and make figures on the wall; who would have thought that some artists would find a way to put an artistic twist to it all!

            Of course, Shadow art does not stop at trash. It can be done with real people in paintings or pictures or with normal objects or at home clothing

         Very fun indeed. I like how they use mathematics and optic science to create art. It is not something easy to do, and doing it from trash is very original! i like the concept and hope to go visit those art pieces one day!

Art from Food

             Hungry much? well looking at those piece of art can make you want to eat them all! food nourishes our body and soul everyday. Well,  those of us who love and admire natures power to create food in order to promote life might enjoy this type of art. 
      Some people get Creative with what they eat. Food Art consists into carving, cutting and putting together food in order to create sculptures and shapes. We all do it at thanksgiving, when we carve the pumpkin in our kitchen, adding a smile to it and a candle inside of it. But some people take it further by making sculptures with all types of food like noodles as seen above, fruit, cheese and more.


I wonder what would happen if one of those is moved?

Toasted Bread

How cute! its rice!

                This is a fun and interesting way to play with food. It might also be useful when it comes to making kids eat all their food and vegetables. I am a big fan, because those people have a lot of imagination and skills. It is fun to see that artists today find the simplest components of everyday life and transform them into something worth talking about. That whole concept of creating out of the basics is very captivating. I will eventually try some myself, lets hope it works!

You can use it to buy art, but also to make art!

             Some say money can buy everything, some say life has no meaning without it. I admit, it is true that money is a big part of life, not only because it buys luxury, but because it provides us with a roof over our head, and food to put on the table. Some of us fancy famous piece of art, but those too are costly.
           Well, guess what? if you have a couple of dollars, you can have a work of art. Really, well lets make it better, you DONT HAVE TO BUY IT!!
          What would you say if i told you that you could do a work of art with  the dollars from your wallet?

As i was browsing on the internet this morning., I came accros some very interesting type of sculpture, if we can call it sculpure. Take a look:

                                Dont Shoot!

Custom made just for the ladies!

Bling Bling Fish

         An artist that is worth mentionning when it comes to this type of art is justine Smith.

         She is an expert at using currency for her work. She managed to design gorgeous sculptures like the ones above made entirely from money!

          I think this type of work is very interesting and also very inspiring.
Money is a paper that controls the life of all of us. People die and suffer for this piece of garbage, it is nice to see someone take it and transfom it into such nice work of art.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Put Clothes on when you can PAINT!


         Painting has been an admired form of Art for many centuries. Painting on paper has been the classic form, but we all know that painters don't stop there. We are all familiar with graffitis on the streets and on the subway walls. We also know about 3D sidewalk paintings. There are also many other forms of paintings such as Glass Painting, even Clothe Painting. 

Body Painting

          Body Painting is the form of painting that caught my attention today. Body painting is a type of body Art. Body painting is not the same things as tattoo because they do not serve the same purpose. The tattoos usually last a life time whereas the body painting is only suppose to last a few hours, maximum would be a couple of weeks. Some body paintings are restricted to face and are called face painting. 
        We are familiar with actors and clowns painting their body and faces in the name of entertainment, but body painting goes further back. Body painting is not a new sensation. In the tribal cultures, body painting was used in ceremonies and celebration. It was also used as a camouflage by our ancestors when they had to chase animals. Today our soldiers still use those type of clay or pigmentation when going to war. Cultures in South America as well as in the Caribbean also use some form of body painting sometimes called "roukou".
     Some of us are familiar with a form of body painting called Mehndi, in which Indians mostly from the Middle East use dyes from Henna to decorate their body. This tradition usually takes places when there is a wedding. 

Body Painting Today

        Today we took this tradition further. Body painting is seen today as a form of advertisement, as some form of Art, but also as a clothing replacement. In many shows or magazine we ave people pausing basically naked, wearing nothing more than paint all over their body, even on their most intimate parts.
                   Demi Moore, August 1992, Vanity Fair

       Those body paintings are usually so good that from first view we  can think that the person is actually dressed. Sometimes they are combined with clothing. Most of the time they use body painting in magazines promoting womens body or in Playboy type magazines.

          A lot of people criticize body painting probably for this reason. They find it disrespectful of Art and also a form of pornography. As far as i am concerned, i do find it shocking. Nevertheless, i perceive it as some type of makeup, same way we hide our flaws when we put foundation on our faces, we trade clothing for body art. Sometimes it covers so well that we don't even know what to think of it. 
       Some leggings and shirts that women wear are as bad in the sense that they either don't cover anything or they are transparent. Some are so tight that every body form is visible somehow, so body painting is the same thing. Like i usually say, the thing is not bad or good in itself, it is what we make of it. It can be a beautiful type of painting, and it can also be a means to sell "mature magazines". 
        Regardless, i find it an interesting type of art, decorating our own body and transforming it into a masterpiece is indeed an unusual type of art! 
PS: let me know what you think!