Friday, April 22, 2011

Art, everywhere, on everything!

   Art is for me the best tool for self expression and freedom of the self. I am addicted to it, every form of it, from poetry to sculptures, from paintings to modeling!
           On Facebook, i got to learn about the work of an artist called James Cadet or JIKA.

            I feel like i should talk about him in my blog because he does have an unusual way of doing art.

About the Artist

He was born on December 4th, 1961 in Jacmel Haiti. He only started really working on his talent a couple of years ago. I like his work because first of all it is gorgeous, second of all, he paints on EVERYTHING he can find which i find very interesting.

Nice Shoes!!!

Nice Jacket

For The Ladies :)

What i like about the type of paintings he does is that it is unique, it is "a mixture of Maya, Egyptian and African" art, and he does it like no one else. He paints directly on bags, shoes pillows an more, making each art work irreplaceable and unique. It is what some of us call limited edition.

           For those of us who like to cook! 

Sleepy Much? 

                  The Art in the making!


                  The Way he works simply reminds me of when we were kids, when we had no stress, no obligation, just pure and raw pleasure. It reminds me of a time when we were all artists, drawing on every wall of the house, stealing our moms lipsticks and drawing on her sheets. For me, JIKA cultivated that innocence and that fearless expression  of our soul and managed to create gorgeous works of art. I wish him the best of luck.

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