Friday, April 22, 2011

Art From Fingernail, INTERESTING!!


      I like going to the nail salon like twice a month. I've always tried to have long nails with not much success. Some people, like my dad, have the chance of having strong nails that grow very quickly. When he cuts his nails i'm always annoying him by covering my face, because it basically jumps in any unpredictable direction. 

               I was always fascinated by nails. The only "Nail Art" that i knew was those nice designs that people do on their nails in the nail salon. I never really  gave any importance to nails until i got across what is called human ivory art. believe it or not, in this type of art, the artist uses human ivory, fancy name for art made from fingernails, to do all types of work, art like sculptures, pendants and more. 

The pictures in this blog are from the work of Rachel Betty Case. she was born in New Jersey, in a family that supported her and  her talent. she went to Delaware college of Art and Design. She then transfered to the Maryland Institute College of Art where she got her bachelor degree. She then went to MICA to get her masters. Her work is sold at the Mutter Museum situated in Philadelphia. 

 I think that women has talent, and i am happy to see her as many other artist dare to be different and follow their passion. 

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