Friday, February 18, 2011

Can be Used for Drinking, But Why Not Music!


         Music is a beautiful thing. When listening to songs that i like, it is like i am not on earth anymore. Some of us listen to music while we sleep, others while they take a bath, and some of us do it when at the table. 

        At dinners we eat drink and laugh and enjoy the music. But what if there is just no radio available? Well, some people, with skilled fingers and very sensible ears found a very original solution. They use their glasses of wine or other to make beautiful sounds. They accord it and end up creating a melody. 

How Do They Do It?

        First, they have to make sure their fingers  is thoroughly moisten with water. They rub it gently on the top edges of a crystal wine glass, in a circular motion. The amount of liquid in the glass influences the noise that is produced. The liquid amount decreases the frequency of the vibrations, which means that the more there is water in the glass the lower the pitch is, same goes for increasing the size of the glass.

 In order to appreciate this type of music, click on this link: Wine Glass Music.

         This is very nice, and the good part is that we do not need to buy any instruments to do that, all we need is water and our wine glasses. Nevertheless, i have tried it and it looks easier than it actually is. It would be a very fun and entertaining hobby for every one who likes music and has some spare time!

Jason Taylor, Why not go Under Sea!

           Usually art is done on earth, somewhere we can actually breath and see it on an everyday basis if of course we pass by or simply go there. But that was until Jason Taylors brilliant idea. 
           We are usually very interested in art lost under sea or lost treasures like the Titanic pieces,. Well, this British artist decided to do his art work underwater!
            Taylor did a interview in the Under water TV chanel

The topic of the collection is the story of Grenadian people, the masterpiece is located in the island Moliniere Bay.

"Objects appear 25 per cent larger and closer, colors are changed as light is absorbed differently by the water." says Taylor.

For more information go on Taylor's website to get more details on his work.

As for me i am very impressed an i find the idea original. I perceive it as an underwater museum, and whoever goes to see it will have the opportunity to have a fun trip under water as well.

Capricious Architects

    We usually use art to decorate places and houses. We use sculptures, paintings, pictures and more. But what about using the building itself as some piece of art?  This is exactly what some architects did all around the world.

This one is the headquarters of the Longaberger basket company and it is in Dublin, Ohio.

                                                                    Portland, Oregon


                                                      Kansas City Public Library, Missouri

                                                           Tennessee United States




        I find it very interesting that architects have so much fun with shapes! i would be afraid to enter half of those buildings, but always remember that what we see is not always what is. People enter those buildings all the time and inside, even if it has a special look, we can walk normally, well at least walk on "normal ground" :)

       Some of those buildings are houses, but some of them are corporate buildings or businesses. I guess even the most important people in the world have some fun and a taste for art and the unusual. As for myself, i intend to make a few trips and visit as much as i can of those buildings! if you can do the same, then enjoy! and don't forget to come back here and share with us your experience, i know i will!

PS: for more pictures you can consult this post. VERY ENTERTAINING!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

3D Sidewalk Art

                                                              3D Sidewalk Art

          What would you do if you were walking on the streets and saw a sudden hole in front of you? You would obviously be chocked and you would carefully walk around it not to get hurt. What if it was a big pool with people in it, or a building size laptop?
         Those places actually exist! 3D sidewalk is a new form of art that consists into making 3D painting in public places that look like they are really there. The only way for me to explain it is to show you pictures.

  How it is Done

          3D Street Painting or Chalk Art or Pavement Art was invented by Kurt Wenner , a very famous artist and architect. This type of art is an anamorphic art, a "trompe l'oeil" which is French for a form of illusion. They use mathematical equations and figures to play with perception. Wenner is actually writing a book on the history of this type of art in order to trace it back to ancient times. There are other well known artist that adopted this type of art like Julian Beever Edgar Muller and more.


       Today this type of art is very popular in many contests and also in advertising and publicity believe it or not.
There are also many contests that take place all over the world.

         It is a very interesting form of art that is not on sale since it is available to the public, all you have to do is walk by. It is interesting to remember that art is not just some futile use of a few colors or words like certain people think. It takes a good mathematician to do a 3D Sidewalk painting. I wish those artist the best of luck.

                                       Watch Out!

                                                   Coca Cola Advertisement 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sand Art

What is Art?
Art is I say creativity and talent at work towards a goal. But art is not limited to human work. Something artistic would be something beautiful, that awakes emotions, either good or bad.
This blog, Unusual Arts, is about art work, that we do not encounter everyday. It is dedicated to those art forms that are rare and original.

Sand Art
   The first art form that i will present in this blog is Sand Art. Sand artist basically play and mold and modify sand with the aid of skills and imagination in order to create a piece of art of their liking. There are different types of sand art, like sand sculpture, sand bottles, sand painting and many sand contests when it comes to cattle sands near the beach.
     The latest sand painting that caught my attention is the one that mixes talent, originality, emotions and a real story. I enjoy this specific type of sand work because it is like a movie, they build a story, use colors, lights, music and speed to tell it. I find it truly amazing! I found this sand work done by Kseniya Simonova: Sand Art. After you watch this, don't forget to comment on your impressions! 

    Sand paintings are not only used to please the eyes. There are very serious Sand Art competitions like the Hampton Beach Sand Contest. The winner can win from 500 to more than 3000 in a competition. Also, For Native Americans, it is used for healing purposes, done by their medical authority in ceremonies.  

 Sand work is very interesting, and even if we all play with sand at the beach, it is not that easy. When it comes to paintings for example, they not only use sand, but also add natural pigments taken from minerals and rocks. Nevertheless, if one is skilled enough to do it, it is a very enjoyable type of art for the artist as well as for his audience.

                                            Sand sculpture

                                            Sand Bottle