Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art from Food

             Hungry much? well looking at those piece of art can make you want to eat them all! food nourishes our body and soul everyday. Well,  those of us who love and admire natures power to create food in order to promote life might enjoy this type of art. 
      Some people get Creative with what they eat. Food Art consists into carving, cutting and putting together food in order to create sculptures and shapes. We all do it at thanksgiving, when we carve the pumpkin in our kitchen, adding a smile to it and a candle inside of it. But some people take it further by making sculptures with all types of food like noodles as seen above, fruit, cheese and more.


I wonder what would happen if one of those is moved?

Toasted Bread

How cute! its rice!

                This is a fun and interesting way to play with food. It might also be useful when it comes to making kids eat all their food and vegetables. I am a big fan, because those people have a lot of imagination and skills. It is fun to see that artists today find the simplest components of everyday life and transform them into something worth talking about. That whole concept of creating out of the basics is very captivating. I will eventually try some myself, lets hope it works!


  1. christine LaraqueMarch 31, 2011 at 8:29 PM

    i love the toasted bread one amazing !!