Wednesday, March 30, 2011



      They always say that beer is not good because it gives us big bellies and gas. Many of us will find an excuse to continue drinking after they see those pictures. 
                 I am always looking for artists who go out of their way to create art and use their imagination to the maximum in order to do so. 
                  The pictures below are pictures of sculptures made out of beer cans. Yep, BEER CANS!  the event was hosted in honor of the Turkish beer called Efes Pilsen and also for Heinneken. 

     Art Sculpture Made By Beer Cans

           The artist invested time and patience in creating the slightest details when doing those sculptures. They have people playing music, soldiers, buildings airplanes and more. I guess, even when it seems that all forms of art have been created, there is always that one little thing that we can add to the magic world of creation!

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  1. WOW!! This is marvellous!! Thank you for bringing out these amazing hidden talents. Looking forward to your next ones :))
    Sandy C