Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You can use it to buy art, but also to make art!

             Some say money can buy everything, some say life has no meaning without it. I admit, it is true that money is a big part of life, not only because it buys luxury, but because it provides us with a roof over our head, and food to put on the table. Some of us fancy famous piece of art, but those too are costly.
           Well, guess what? if you have a couple of dollars, you can have a work of art. Really, well lets make it better, you DONT HAVE TO BUY IT!!
          What would you say if i told you that you could do a work of art with  the dollars from your wallet?

As i was browsing on the internet this morning., I came accros some very interesting type of sculpture, if we can call it sculpure. Take a look:

                                Dont Shoot!

Custom made just for the ladies!

Bling Bling Fish

         An artist that is worth mentionning when it comes to this type of art is justine Smith.

         She is an expert at using currency for her work. She managed to design gorgeous sculptures like the ones above made entirely from money!

          I think this type of work is very interesting and also very inspiring.
Money is a paper that controls the life of all of us. People die and suffer for this piece of garbage, it is nice to see someone take it and transfom it into such nice work of art.

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