Friday, February 18, 2011

Capricious Architects

    We usually use art to decorate places and houses. We use sculptures, paintings, pictures and more. But what about using the building itself as some piece of art?  This is exactly what some architects did all around the world.

This one is the headquarters of the Longaberger basket company and it is in Dublin, Ohio.

                                                                    Portland, Oregon


                                                      Kansas City Public Library, Missouri

                                                           Tennessee United States




        I find it very interesting that architects have so much fun with shapes! i would be afraid to enter half of those buildings, but always remember that what we see is not always what is. People enter those buildings all the time and inside, even if it has a special look, we can walk normally, well at least walk on "normal ground" :)

       Some of those buildings are houses, but some of them are corporate buildings or businesses. I guess even the most important people in the world have some fun and a taste for art and the unusual. As for myself, i intend to make a few trips and visit as much as i can of those buildings! if you can do the same, then enjoy! and don't forget to come back here and share with us your experience, i know i will!

PS: for more pictures you can consult this post. VERY ENTERTAINING!


  1. Wow! Some of these are a bit too much lol, like that upside down house in Tennessee or the Basket building (cute but weird for an headquarter). However I'm impressed by the building in Poland and the portuguese one. Th second on especially looks like it came right out of Tolkien's imagination :)

  2. i know right! but they make life less boring so i don't mind them :)