Friday, February 18, 2011

Can be Used for Drinking, But Why Not Music!


         Music is a beautiful thing. When listening to songs that i like, it is like i am not on earth anymore. Some of us listen to music while we sleep, others while they take a bath, and some of us do it when at the table. 

        At dinners we eat drink and laugh and enjoy the music. But what if there is just no radio available? Well, some people, with skilled fingers and very sensible ears found a very original solution. They use their glasses of wine or other to make beautiful sounds. They accord it and end up creating a melody. 

How Do They Do It?

        First, they have to make sure their fingers  is thoroughly moisten with water. They rub it gently on the top edges of a crystal wine glass, in a circular motion. The amount of liquid in the glass influences the noise that is produced. The liquid amount decreases the frequency of the vibrations, which means that the more there is water in the glass the lower the pitch is, same goes for increasing the size of the glass.

 In order to appreciate this type of music, click on this link: Wine Glass Music.

         This is very nice, and the good part is that we do not need to buy any instruments to do that, all we need is water and our wine glasses. Nevertheless, i have tried it and it looks easier than it actually is. It would be a very fun and entertaining hobby for every one who likes music and has some spare time!