Friday, February 18, 2011

Jason Taylor, Why not go Under Sea!

           Usually art is done on earth, somewhere we can actually breath and see it on an everyday basis if of course we pass by or simply go there. But that was until Jason Taylors brilliant idea. 
           We are usually very interested in art lost under sea or lost treasures like the Titanic pieces,. Well, this British artist decided to do his art work underwater!
            Taylor did a interview in the Under water TV chanel

The topic of the collection is the story of Grenadian people, the masterpiece is located in the island Moliniere Bay.

"Objects appear 25 per cent larger and closer, colors are changed as light is absorbed differently by the water." says Taylor.

For more information go on Taylor's website to get more details on his work.

As for me i am very impressed an i find the idea original. I perceive it as an underwater museum, and whoever goes to see it will have the opportunity to have a fun trip under water as well.

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