Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sand Art

What is Art?
Art is I say creativity and talent at work towards a goal. But art is not limited to human work. Something artistic would be something beautiful, that awakes emotions, either good or bad.
This blog, Unusual Arts, is about art work, that we do not encounter everyday. It is dedicated to those art forms that are rare and original.

Sand Art
   The first art form that i will present in this blog is Sand Art. Sand artist basically play and mold and modify sand with the aid of skills and imagination in order to create a piece of art of their liking. There are different types of sand art, like sand sculpture, sand bottles, sand painting and many sand contests when it comes to cattle sands near the beach.
     The latest sand painting that caught my attention is the one that mixes talent, originality, emotions and a real story. I enjoy this specific type of sand work because it is like a movie, they build a story, use colors, lights, music and speed to tell it. I find it truly amazing! I found this sand work done by Kseniya Simonova: Sand Art. After you watch this, don't forget to comment on your impressions! 

    Sand paintings are not only used to please the eyes. There are very serious Sand Art competitions like the Hampton Beach Sand Contest. The winner can win from 500 to more than 3000 in a competition. Also, For Native Americans, it is used for healing purposes, done by their medical authority in ceremonies.  

 Sand work is very interesting, and even if we all play with sand at the beach, it is not that easy. When it comes to paintings for example, they not only use sand, but also add natural pigments taken from minerals and rocks. Nevertheless, if one is skilled enough to do it, it is a very enjoyable type of art for the artist as well as for his audience.

                                            Sand sculpture

                                            Sand Bottle


  1. i really liked it, i especially liked the sand art by Kseniya Simonova, how she told the story with such passion i absolutely loved it